Our Story 

We are a women-run, self-funded skincare brand from Malaysia. We pride ourselves on being cruelty-free and halal-friendly. We formulate our products with the best, natural ingredients around. 

So why purchase a Skinfuel Beauty product?

It’s simple really. We believe in celebrating you and your worth, in uplifting you and in educating you. We want people to feel welcome regardless of their race, creed, gender, sexuality, skin tone and skin condition. 

We believe in lifting each other up (especially women!) so we all can fly. We want to bring happiness into your world, we just happen to start with your skin!

So take a looksie at our Squeaky Clean jar or our mini, Squeaks and see if you don’t fall in love with this beautiful waterproof makeup remover, facial cleanser and exfoliator! It’s an all-in-1 and a complete time saver, how can you resist it?